PАКО brand

PAKO brand

Legendary dragon fire breathing of guaranteeing the quality of products and brand.


Born in the versatile darkness of strength, courage, generosity and wisdom.

In many parts of the world, this legendary creature is portrayed with the ability to overcome difficult and intimidating forces.

As such, according to ancient tales, only a fearless and noble man can become a Dragon friend and legendary master of fire power.

We’ve done just that. We’ve befriended the Dragon!

Using the Cibola, each step requires us to be brave and wise.

If your heart is noble and possesses that smoldering spark of courage, PAKO DRAGON will blow its scorching heat into the flame.



Black symbolizes stability and wisdom, and gold-honor, loyalty and quality. This winning combination is fully revealed in the PAKO brand and its product values.

We searched far and wide before we finally found the black and gold colors of alchemy and the symbolism that we are sharing with you today.